Prota is a rural village with majestic buildings, not far from Crespiano, 480 meters above sea level. Walking along the paths connected by tunnels, you can see beautiful portals dating from the seventeeth century. The main square displays to visitors two oratories divided only by a street.

The Oratory of San Genesio founded in 1618 and the other in honour of St. Bartholomew the Apostle of 1728 as the inscription above the door attests, inside is preserved a magnificent eighteenth-century painting recently restored.

This village is composed not of a single body but by many groups of houses: Castle of Owls, Castello dei Wolves, Cafaria, Capugnano and Borgo. Above you can find the "Castellaro of Prota" and large expanses of fields and woods.

Along one part of the village, a private chapel was built in 1697 with sandstone blocks dedicated to the Annunciation and St. Charles.

Its majestic portal has a beautiful sculpture in relief with inscription that immediately catches the attention of visitors. The place where it was built was called Majesty because at that point there was a shrine with a relief dated 1631 which is now preserved in the oratory.

The walls inside are full of refined stucco and painted ceilings with frescoes, but unfortunately the painting hanging above the altar was destroyed.

Visitors can stop to eat and rest in the only restaurant at the beginning of the village. Then set off for the two paths that wind through the village, one to the right where crossing a mule track you can reach Canola and Groppo San Pietro and one to the left of the main square which goes to Cattognano.

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