In 1955 only one road led to the Lagastrello Pass but stopped at a wooden bridge 655m above sea level. Then if you wanted to reach the pass and lake Paduli, you had to climb on foot along the Enza river passing through the village of Linari.

Linari was a small village in the municipality of Comano where a landslide not only partially destroyed the homes but also seriously damaged the road and the families who settled there after the war were forced to leave. Now from the tavern and the ancient abbey of the Holy Saviour and St. Bartholomew's of the eleventh century remain only unrecognisable ruins.

From the abbey, there remains only a relief of a soldier with a spear later stolen, which had been built to welcome woodmen passing through.

All around are the peaks of Monte Bocco and Monte Giogo and from the top you can see and distinguish the islands of Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto, the island of Capraia and the northern tip of Corsica, Monte Acuto and to the north the pass of Lagastrello that now you can easily reach via an interstate road called the "Massese" which passes Lake Paduli and continues to the Parma and Reggio Emilia area.

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