Two very characteristic villages, Imocomano and Casa Pelati which have less than thirty inhabitants.. Imocomano, typified by its vaults, arches and stone houses with elaborate portals. Here you can still see houses with roofs covered with flat stones according to ancient tradition, before they began to use terracota tiles.

Most of the buildings have been restored, as well as the old mill on the Taverone river. Another feature is the spacious barns, stables under the houses and ovens with openings on the outside.

All around the village you can find a considerable number of "Maesta" some preserved in excellent condition. Both Imocomano and Casa Pelati are positioned on a one-time important road that left Crespiano and reached Castello di Comano.

Casa Pelati, is a small complex consisting of a few restored houses with courtyards, fences, vaults and tunnels in local sandstone. The portal built during the Medici era in 1567 of Casa Faggiani always arouses much interest in pilgrims.

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