From the Oratory of Piano only the statue of Santa Maria remains, while the one of Summocomano, still exists although it underwent major changes after the earthquake of 1920.

Only the original portal of 1633 remains intact. The villages were seriously damaged in the earthquake of 1920, but were promptly reconstructed endeavouring to respect the old buildings.

We can still see the ancient portals and beautiful courtyards paved with sandstone. Going up the road to Lagastrello after a few kilometres there is a small artificial lake, Lake of Piana, where you can go fishing for trout; continuing up there is a small village: Groppo San Pietro.

A restored village, where you can see a small church dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, damaged like the rest of the village by an earthquake in 1920 but recently restored.

Over a hill you can see the remains of an old manor, powerful and elusive given the location and that the current owner intends to restore.

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