Along the road leading to Camporaghena, you come to Castello di Comano.

The village is dominated by the cylindrical tower. Walking in the village you can still see the beautiful architraves, courtyards, patios, and corners all made with the local sandstone. From the ancient oratory dedicated to Saints Fabian and Sebastian there only remains the sandstone building with no sacred signs. But you can see a building now deconsecrated dedicated to St. Joseph in 1737.

The village is dominated by the ancient cylindrical tower of the castle with a circular base enclosed by a city wall flanked by towers. The tower, or donjon, probably goes back to the thirteenth century, while the walls that surround it appear to have been built later, perhaps the fifteenth century.

There are also the ruins of a building that appears to be of a later period, maybe modern. The top of the dungeon is characterized by the presence of a battlement and the interior staircase allows access inside the tower to the top from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley.

The entrance to the tower was originally through a mezzanine floor made of a retractable wooden structure. The town council owner of the building, with various interventions, has restored the tower and recovered a good part of the city walls, and aims for a total recovery of the structure which is a symbol of the area’s glorious past.

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